There are tons of great design courses on the internet, but for those of you interested in attending a full-time program, it’s really hard to decide where to go. Figuring out what will be best for you is probably an analysis of how you prefer to learn and work, which specializations interest you the most, and whether you want to be a high flyer or prefer to do your job under the radar.

Graphic design is a creative activity in which professionals create visual content to convey messages to the general people. It has been used for a long time and is now primarily used in newspapers, advertising, magazines, books, wall design, and many other things. The best career option is to study graphic design as graphic designing plays a very important role in the present time.

Here are five graphic design schools that I suggest you look into if you’re looking to develop your skills and career:

RISD — Rhode Island School of Design

RISD is considered the “Harvard of Art Schools” and is highly regarded in terms of brand recognition when you’re applying for jobs. You can expect well-funded programs and faculty at the top of their fields if you attend RISD.

Parsons — The New School of Design

Parsons has a strong branding program with a vast and robust set of classes that consistently ranks at the top in national rankings. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Parsons was voted the best graphic design school in 2022. And don’t forget that Parsons has helped mold some of the most famous entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The Pratt Institute

Another well-known program is the Pratt Institute, which is located on a very famous campus in Brooklyn, New York. They believe in a philosophy of “poetic pragmatism,” which combines artistic vision with practical skills.

CalArts — California Institute of the Arts

CalArts is for you if you are a Disney fan because this school’s primary vision is to create a place where students from all over the world can grow together in a collaborative environment with the learning of artistic disciplines.

SCAD — Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design is a great art school with literally the highest enrollment for Graphic Design students. It’s often overlooked but deserves to be on this list if you want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Lastly, remember that you always have the ability to be self-taught with free online courses! The internet has expanded into a vast source of information. There are many free and paid social networks out there from where you can learn.

Graphic design is something you don’t learn but rather own.

When you see a website, billboard, newspaper ad, commercial, or other design, it strikes you as more than just an advertisement. The font they use for other types of business, the humor commercials that fit that type of service, the color font they put on what color background…and much more.

Learn from everything you see and try to make your art!

Ankur K Garg

I have built brands that have earned $125MM+ in revenues and I was a pioneer in developing social media influencers in the early 2010s. Currently I am a SDC Nutrition Executive @WeMakeSupplements, Founder of #INTHELAB, Founder of YOUNGRY @StayYoungry, Zealous Content Hero, Award Winning Graphic Designer & Full Stack Web Developer, and a YouTuber.