Flexible Work Schedule Policy

Last updated January 01, 2023

AKG Creative is committed to helping employees face the demands of juggling work, family, and personal obligations by offering flexible work schedules. These schedules provide employees with increased flexibility while allowing AKG Creative to retain a productive work environment.

Available Flexible Work Schedule Options

AKG Creative is providing the following flexible work schedule options to eligible employees:

  • Flextime: Eligible employees must work eight hours per day but may alter their start and end times to provide alignment with their personal
  • Compressed workweek: Eligible employees may choose to work 10-hour workdays, four days per
  • Hybrid: Eligible employees may work in the office a set number of hours per day or days per week and telework the remainder of the

Eligibility for a Flexible Work Schedule

Employees will be eligible for flexible work schedules on a case-by-case basis. Every employee requesting flexible work must show they can accomplish their core duties despite the altered schedule, at the same or higher level of performance, without reduction in quality. To be eligible, an employee must be an employee in good standing whose core job duties won’t be affected by the difference in the schedule.

Every employee requesting a flexible work schedule must meet with their manager to discuss and identify their individual eligibility requirements. Considerations for eligibility may include the impact on the department, whether the employee’s duties require their presence in the office or during certain hours, and the employee’s historical performance, among other factors.

Flexible Work Schedule Probationary and Renewal Process

Upon approval of the employee’s flexible work schedule request, a six-month trial period will apply to assess the impact and effectiveness of the arrangement. After successful completion of the trial period, the flexible work schedule shall be reviewed at least annually to ensure continued success. The employee’s manager must request and approve any changes to the approved flexible work schedule in writing.


Flexible work schedules are not possible for all positions at AKG Creative. We do not intend the flexible work schedule options under this policy to be a universal employee benefit. The nature of the employee’s core duties and responsibilities must be conducive to a flexible work schedule without causing significant disruption to AKG Creative.